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Address of unit for rent including unit numbers, if applicable.
Number of bedrooms

Number of Bathrooms

Available date


We can advise on market rates if you're not sure!
Is the unit currently occupied?

Please provide the tenants' names, phone numbers, and/or emails so we can schedule showings directly.  If you'd like to run showings, just let us know!

Access Information

What is the best way to access the unit?  You can provide us with a key, set up a lock box, show through current tenants, etc.
Pet Policy

Please specify which kind of pets will be accpeted (if any), weight limitations, extra deposits, etc.

Please choose all that apply

Square feet

Approximate values are fine.
Outdoor space

This can include yards, decks, patios, etc.
Heating source

Gas, oil, electric, or a combination?

Kitchen Amenities

Apartment Features


If there is parking, please specify the situation and if you're seeking any additional money.
Landlord Information

Full Name

Phone Number

Would you like us to draft the lease once we move forward with applicants?

If you decide to move forward with our applicants, we can draft the lease and have all parties sign.  To do this, we'll need some additional information in the following section, but if you handle it on your own that's fine too.
Any specific language we should add to the lease?

If you prefer any additional clauses added to your lease, please let us know here.  If you have a separate addendum drawn up, please upload that in the next section.

If you have a separate addendum or anything else to add to the lease (i.e. condo docs), please upload it here.
What is the entity name for the lease and checks?

i.e. if you have the property under an LLC or in a trust, we'll need that name for the lease.
Address for lease

Where your tenants should send rent.
Do you require a landlord meeting before approving potential tenants?


Please email any pictures of your unit to  If you'd like us to take some, please let us know and we'll make it happen ASAP!
Any other details?

Please let us know if we missed anything!
On behalf of the Rent Source team, we greatly appreciate your business!  Feel free to reach out to Tyler at or 508-982-5451 with any other questions about our listing process.
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